Philip Silverman


Accountable Advice for Investors, Traders, and Family Offices.

Areas of Practice


Investment Advisory

Investment Allocations, Legacy & Estate Planning, Bond Unit Investment Trusts, Corporate and High Yield Bonds, Government Sponsored Bonds, Municipal Bonds, US Treasuries, Mortgage Back Securities, Certificates of Deposit, Mutual Funds & ETFs, Managed Accounts, Alternatives

Alternative Investments

Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) implies that total portfolio risk can be reduced by combining asset classes that have less-than-perfect positive correlation.  Alternative Investments that could potentially mitigate correlation risk include:  Managed Futures, Hedge Funds, Real Estate, and Commodities.

Financial planning

Social Security Income Planning, Retirement Income & Cash Flow, Legacy & Estate Planning, Professional Trustee Services, Trust Administration, Life Insurance Trust, Asset Protection, 529 Plans and Education Savings, Cash Value Life Insurance Alternatives

Risk management and portfolio hedging

Portfolio hedging describes a variety of techniques to reduce risk exposure in an investment portfolio. Hedging uses one investment to minimize the negative impact of adverse price swings in another. Hedging clients receive a Portfolio Risk Assessment, access to Option Trading Strategies, and Cash and Liquidity Management.

Family office services

High-net-worth families experience a unique set of challenges.  Family Office Services Include: Multi-generational wealth planning and education, Private foundation structuring, Philanthropic planning, Private accounting and tax services and Estate planning

New Entity Formation Consultation

Independent Financial Professionals seeking a career in trading and investments must navigate a complex regulatory landscape when forming new entities.  Clients may benefit from consulting before beginning the process to establish a new RIA, Broker Dealer, Hedge Fund, ETF, or Mutual Fund.